The Year of the Dog marks the fourth year in the partnership between LunarFest and Oakridge Centre, celebrating each Lunar New Year in style and high fashion. 

Discover the Lanterns of Blessings and celebrate the Perfect Year of the Dog at Oakridge Centre.

– Exhibition – 
Wed. Feb. 7th – Sun. Feb. 25th

– Family Day –
  Mon. Feb. 12th   12pm – 4pm

Take a break this winter and stroll through the Lanterns of Blessings, located in the West Galleria. Lanterns and lights play a symbolic role in several Asian traditions, and many believe that claiming lights of various numbers and positions will bring good fortune for the year to come. Over 800 lanterns adorn a line of arches, providing the path to cross over into the Lunar New Year – click here to learn how to claim your numbered lantern while supplies last!

LunarFest - Arts

Are you a Perfectionist?

The number “10” has a connotation of wholeness, completeness, and perfection in many cultures. In Mandarin Chinese, wholeness further expands to the concept of beauty, and the word “wholeness” actually sounds similar to the word “dog”.

Celebrate the Perfect Year of the Dog in style at Oakridge Centre in the East Galleria this February! Capture all the luck you can from a complete photo with these ten whole golden dogs, showing off their perfect canine beauty!

LunarFest - Crafts
LunarFest - Canadog
LunarFest - Crafts

Oakridge Celebrates LunarFest

Join us in the West Galleria on Monday February 12th and celebrate the Year of the Dog in style! A collection of crafts, activities, and family fun will make sure you ring in the Lunar New Year with plenty of fortune. If you’ve reserved a Lantern of Blessing, this is the perfect chance to personalize it with your name or a prayer for the year to come. Invite the in-laws, bring the kids, and make it an afternoon of artistry.

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