LunarFest returns to the newly renovated Vancouver Art Gallery Plaza!

Brighten up your winter and prepare to welcome a perfect Year of the Dog with the 2018 LunarFest. From ballet and food to a Moon Crawl and doggie arts & crafts, this two weekend-long celebration is perfect for both you and your four legged best friend!

Sun. Feb. 18th 11 am – 6 pm

Sat. Feb. 24th – Sun. Feb. 25th 11 am – 6 pm

LunarFest Canadog
LunarFest Moon Crawl
LunarFest Puppy Lantern
LunarFest Sky Lantern
LunarFest - Crafts
LunarFest Crafts - Taiwan Temple

Lunar New Year is the time to share arts and crafts with family, and many cultures have a broad variety of traditional crafts. Perhaps we can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but we can definitely give these New Year traditions a mastiff makeover! Immerse yourself and your family in creativity and innovation with these Arts and Crafts – lose yourself in a sea of stars in Moon Crawl, find your fortune for the new year, and bring home a Puppy Lantern for a new friend!

LunarFest - Lunar Eats 1
LunarFest - Lunar Eats 2
LunarFest - Lunar Eats 3

Can’t have a Lunar New Year without great food for the whole family to share! Stop by and try some fabulous fare from our fantastic food aficionados!

LunarFest - Community 1
LunarFest Community - Hanna
LunarFest Community - Indonesia
LunarFest Community
LunarFest - Community 2
LunarFest Community - Korean
LunarFest Community - Indonesia Sand Painting
LunarFest Community - Japanese Custom
LunarFest Community
LunarFest Community - Slavik
LunarFest Community - Soap
LunarFest Community - Japanese Tea

Celebrating the Year of the Dog isn’t only for Asian cultures! Many cultures in the world have their own myths, stories, and ways of celebrating the moon and dogs. There’s no better time to learn more about our neighbours!

Stay tuned to find out who our partners are!

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